How it works?

Through our platform INVESTER everyone can buy a share in business and support the presented projects. Projects include, for example, real estate, start-ups, emerging or already operating businesses. Anyone can get a share in the selected project and gain a profit and other benefits.


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Choose a project and get a share

Choose if you want a direct share, indirect share, or just to support the project. Then make an order and wait for the project to be funded by other bidders.

If the minimum target amount is not reached, we will refund the entire amount deposited within 3 days of the end of the project presentation. In the case of an indirect share, INVESTER company holds the share and pay profit to the user account. We also offer a direct business share, especially for those who prefer to become co-owners of the project and want the opportunity to influence the project.




Hurrah! Successfully funded!

The project is getting started. It is implemented by INVESTER or a newly created legal corporation established for project realization, in cooperation with the project author and interested parties. INVESTER always acquires a business share in a particular legal entity. It is a partner in a legal person with all rights and duties.




We're starting to build the profit

If the project is successful on its way, INVESTER will divide the profits and pass it to the user accounts. In the case of a direct business share, the particular user becomes a partner of a legal corporation with all rights and obligations. In this case, the applicant has full access to the project activity and has a preview of the legal entity's accounts.



We pay out profits

Once earnings have been credited, the user can apply at any time for the payment, which is sent within 5 business days to the bank account. In the case of a direct share, the user is a shareholder in a legal person and can therefore co-decide on the payment of profits.




Indirect business share

Michael chose the purchase of an indirect business share in the "Company XY" with price of 20,000 EUR. The project was funded also with other users and the target amount was reached. At the moment the project is realized and generates the first profits, we attribute it to the Michael user account. Michael can cancel his share only by selling a this share at a price chosen by him to another natural or legal person, another user of the INVESTER platform or INVESTER company itself.

Direct business share

John chose the option to buy a direct business stake in the project. In a newly established legal entity, "Company XY" will be a business partner with all the rights and obligations associated with it. He will be able to take part in decision-making and he will have access to the accounting and all aspects of the project. He decides to pay the profits and after his tax he is paid directly to his bank account.


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