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INVESTER allows you to get funding for your start-up, idea, or a well-established business. Funding is obtained by selling part of your current or future business share of the project to our investors. In exchange, you are getting the necessary funding. Start-ups and business ideas are funded from EUR 1,500. Established companies with history and real estates are funded up to a maximum of EUR 400,000.



Let us know about your project or idea!

We will independently evaluate and review your project. If it meets our requirements, we will present it together on our platform. Early project stage ideas and projects are placed in the START-UP MARKET section, where they receive valuable feedback from our users. If the project is already well-developed and all the requirements are met, it is opened for funding.

I am interested. How can I proceed?

The first step is to fill out the form from the link below. In the coming days, we will be glad to meet you or discuss the possibilities of cooperation. For all projects, it is possible to sign a confidentiality agreement before the very commencement of business negotiations.


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